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The app helps you to quickly add and manage expenses, expenditures and costs.

Either just for yourself or for a group of several people. So you and your friends can always keep track of all your payments and loans during a trip for instance. The app will also help you to divide all expenses into fair shares.

Check out our great features for yourself and upload the free light version of SpendinX, with which you can capture up to 20 expenses.

Want to use the app to its fullest? Go pick up the full version. You can with a simple in-app purchase.

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Here, in just a few clicks you can add, edit, or delete expenses:

Just tap the "plus" symbol and enter the amount. It's preset for shared expenses. You need to select private expenses or loans.

Optional: Enter details such as category, expense type, payment method, currency or date.


Cash Card


The app gives you the ability to analyze and email all expenses. The most important analysis is – obviously: Dividing shared expenses and who needs to pay whom how much.

You can display an analysis by expense categories, such as hotel, food, travel costs, etc. Just tap "Details" at the top of the page.

List View

List View

It all starts with making an expense list! Here all the expenses you added for an event, like a trip, are listed.

In the list overview, all your lists are sorted by year. You'll also see the sum of all expenses from the individual lists here.


Extras ...

Icon Exchange Rate Calculator

SpendinX is also the perfect app for when you're abroad. With the exchange rate calculator, you've always got the right exchange rate.

Icon Password

For more security you can also assign a password.

Icon Export

It's quick and easy to email the analyzed data.

Other features of the app at a glance

Icon Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

With SpendinX you have full control. Your entries are stored only on your device. Data is not disclosed to third parties.

Icon Default Currency

Changing the default currency

You can change the default currency for the whole app at any time. All entries will be automatically converted to the new currency. This is a cool feature when you're spending longer time abroad.

Icon Geolocation

Location detection

SpendinX automatically detects your current location, but only if you want it to of course.

Icon Keep It Simple

Keep it Simple

SpendinX is clearly structured and easy to use. In the app you'll also find a detailed explanation of all features.

Icon optimized for iOS

iOS optimization

SpendinX is optimized for all iOS devices and adapted to the latest version.

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Optimized for iOS.

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